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Welcome to Spring Montessori School

We provide a happy, safe and supportive learning environment for children aged 3months to 11years.

Where each child is helped to develop his/ her potentials, maximally in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere, while still maintaining excellence and high standards in preparing the child for the next level of education within the school.

We encourage personalized teachers/ pupil relationship. We offer small classes, high teacher / pupil ratio for success in learning.

Our Vision

To be one of the foremost,outstanding and value based school with a strong sense of ethical responsibility geared towards developing the TOTAL CHILD.

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Our Mission

To be committed to high quality education that delivers transformative learning to all pupils.
To engage in effective teaching based on our core values and the best, up to date educational practice which enables the children achieve their academic ambitions and life time careers.
To nurture individual talents and emphasize the importance of raising the TOTAL CHILD with specific attention to their physical, emotional, social and spiritual development.
To provide a pleasant and properly structured environment with rudimentary discipline, adherence to scheduled and values, making learning fun.
To raise leaders who will impact their generation positively.

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Our Core Value

Intellectual Development

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Our Obejective

At SMS, our objective is to provide child centered education for the realization of maximum self discovery and development in life through personal attention to each child.
We aim to develop the interest and talents of each child to its maximum potentials
To ensure that each child achieves success in school on daily basis.
To foster an environment where each child feels wanted, valued, showed care and respect for others and the school environments.
To have a small classes where each child will receive individual care, attention and tuition.
To provide a happy and caring school community where academic attainment, supportive godly and moral counsel and care combine to offer the children an excellent education.

"It is true we cannot make a genius... we can only give each individual chance to fulfill his potential possibilities to become an independent, secure and balanced human being" - Maria Montessori.

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It is a day school dedicated to providing a conducive prepared environment, where each child can reach their highest potential both in academics and human development by looking, feeling, absorbing, interacting and discovering. This is achievable with trained and qualified Montessori directress and prepared environment

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What Makes us Special

  • Lower Teacher to child Ratio. In SMS, each classroom directress has one or more teaching assistant to provide individual care for every child. All our Teachers are qualified Montessori teachers with International certifications, our Assistant Teachers are graduates and have in house Montessori training.
  • Cultural diversity SMS seeks to attract children from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Full, rich and balanced program me true to Montessori principles.
  • Mixed age in the classroom: 0 to 2& half , 3 to 6.
  • Children learn in a calm and prepared environment.
  • A parents orientation evening at the commencement of the academic year.
  • Parents / Teacher conference each academic term.
  • Written progress report per term
"Within the child lies the fate of the future"-Maria Montessori.


Too many times, we detach ourselves from the present, deeply lost in the future, forgetting that the future is contained in the present. As time ticks away in seconds, minutes and hours-our future and that of our children unfold day by day. To leave the future of our children to chance is an immortal mistake no parent should dare. This is the genesis of SPRINGMONT School. If the molding of life at the foundation phase is a core influence in what a child eventually become, then this delicate duty of developing the endowed potentials, artistry, individuality, creativity, uniqueness and greatness in every child can only fall on the shoulder of a truly unique school that blends both the British-American and Nigerian curricula not undermining the spirituality of these children as the motto of America reads. In GOD we trust.
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To achieve our Goals, SMS

  • Respect each child for who he / she is
  • Encourage individual academic excellence.
  • Promotes development of independence, self respect and respect for others.
  • Bring together children of diverse ages, religion, cultural and economic backgrounds to develop social skills and ethical standard.
  • Fosters experimentation, observation and discovery.
  • Inspires expression through fine and creative arts.
  • Develop knowledge for mathematics through the manipulation of concrete materials.
  • Develop speech and writing skills as well as love for literature.
  • Instills appreciation for historical achievements and a sense of responsibility for the future.
The Core Curriculum at the preschool level is Montessori Curriculum while at the Primary level it is a British curricula with a blend of the Nigerian curricula.

The children work with Montessori materials and other educational resources which help them perfect their natural tools for learning and also learn how to think, communicate, behave responsibly and become independent.

Through the use of these materials, the basic skills for language and literacy, mathematics, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative development, personal and social skills including physical development are achieved.

Children are treated with trust and respect and encouraged to work out their own relationship and also appreciate their environment by taking care and learning to respect their natural world. The children are thus prepared to make a smooth transition to the elementary school and other educational materials that will be used in future.

Subjects are categorized under the following major curriculum areas which are integrated for the total development of your child.
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This is achievable with trained and qualified directress and prepared environment

SpringMont School

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  • NO 20 Mezu Lane, off SS Mulumba Catholic Church , along Akachi road, off Wetheral Owerri Imo state.
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