About the Chairman

Chief Donatus Okenyeka is an astute business man and has distinguished himself in the business world in the last three decades and counting. His business interest cuts across several sectors of the economy. He is the Chairman of Donhelens Group , the subsidiary companies includes: Donhelens Real Estates, Donhelens Pharmaceuticals Company, Donhelens inter trade Nig Ltd, Healthy Life Global concept LTD . He holds different Chieftaincy titles. He is socially responsible and despite his companies being known for giving back to the society in a huge way, he still felt unfulfilled until recently when he found a school in order to reach a vast majority of people. Characteristically, he believes something is deposited in everyone and we all exist for a reason. He has a strong mentality believing quality life can be attained when the foundation is strong, hence, the setting up of SpringMontessori School.

About Us

This is achievable with trained and qualified directress and prepared environment

SpringMont School

  • Our Location
  • NO 20 Mezu Lane, off SS Mulumba Catholic Church , along Akachi road, off Wetheral Owerri Imo state.
  • Contact info :
  • Tel: 08099504162
  • mail: info@springmontessori.org

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