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Mrs. Chinyelu Rachael Okenyeka became the Director of the school in 2017. She is an alumnus of Federal University of Technology, Owerri. She holds a B. Tech. Geology. She launched forwards to bag an MBA from the University of Lagos. As her intellectual appetite remained unsatisfactorily catered for, she took to overseas at the Asian College of Teachers where she bagged a Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training having been convinced that the Montessori method of education by the Italian educator and physician-Dr Maria Montessori is a child centred educational approach which focuses on giving support to the natural developmental needs of children.

The school is situated in Owerri Imo. Similarly, her irresistible entrepreneurial spirit has manifested in the design of problem solving games where children learn while having fun.

She is an ardent believer in best practices. This is validated by attendance of leadership summit both home and abroad. She holds the gentle truth that to be close to other people’s ideas is to be on one’s way to the grave. She has been mentored by significant educators past and present especially overseas. She has immensely benefitted from The National Character Education Centre, USA.

Mrs Chinyelu Rachael Okenyeka is equally passionate about the training of teachers as learning could be influenced by the instructor or educator. Mrs. Okenyeka is a lifelong learner. Today, a large part of the staff force are professionally certified educators. She has made a mandatory part of the employment policy for staff to upgrade their qualifications annually. This has to be done to ensure that the educators are on top of their game and far ahead of their colleagues in other schools. She understands that staff training is a non negotiable duty of any forward looking organization.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Safety in the Work Place. Without any needless emphasis, the safety and serenity of the environment cannot be underestimated in the accomplishment of the goal of any organization. Her knowledge on safety and environment has in large measure convinced parents that their children are better managed. She enjoys random reflection among others. Chinyelu Rachael Okenyeka is a force to reckon with.

It is further of interest to note that Chinyelu Rachael Okenyeka is vastly experienced in international trade. Her endless contact with bright minds across the shores of Africa, Asia and Europe has empowered her ineffably. She has been a good investor but her one greatest passion and yearning calling is helping kids to find a path in life and giving a reassurance to their parents that with her- their sleep and rest are guaranteed as every child is important.

She is a practicing Christian. She believes that all that we have is a privilege and a blessing from God. In her pursuit so far, she has not stopped been grateful to God for trusting her with one of the rough jobs on earth. A job that is not only but emotional as it requires all that a person has got without reservation. She is evidently sure that the kids are stars to positively shock the world in the nearest future.

An entrepreneur, wife and mother.

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