Our Goals

  • Respect each child for who he / she is
  • Encourage individual academic excellence.
  • Promotes development of independence, self respect and respect for others.
  • Bring together children of diverse ages, religion, cultural and economic backgrounds to develop social skills and ethical standard.
  • Fosters experimentation, observation and discovery.
  • Inspires expression through fine and creative arts.
  • Develop knowledge for mathematics through the manipulation of concrete materials.
  • Develop speech and writing skills as well as love for literature.
  • Instills appreciation for historical achievements and a sense of responsibility for the future.

About Us

This is achievable with trained and qualified directress and prepared environment

SpringMont School

  • Our Location
  • NO 20 Mezu Lane, off SS Mulumba Catholic Church , along Akachi road, off Wetheral Owerri Imo state.
  • Contact info :
  • Tel: 08099504162
  • mail: info@springmontessori.org

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