Why Spring Mont School?

Too many times, we detach ourselves from the present, deeply lost in the future, forgetting that the future is contained in the present. As time ticks away in seconds, minutes and hours-our future and that of our children unfold day by day. To leave the future of our children to chance is an immortal mistake no parent should dare. This is the genesis of SPRINGMONT School. If the molding of life at the foundation phase is a core influence in what a child eventually become, then this delicate duty of developing the endowed potentials, artistry, individuality, creativity, uniqueness and greatness in every child can only fall on the shoulder of a truly unique school that blends both the British-American and Nigerian curricula not undermining the spirituality of these children as the motto of America reads. In GOD we trust.

Do you sell sleep and rest? I beg your pardon…you heard me right because that is exactly what I want to buy. This was an encounter with a couple with multinational experience. As the competition keeps soaring and as we get preoccupied with professional pursuits, time on its own part shrinking by the day, to sustain hope and maintain joy. You, indeed, need an extraordinary brand-SpringMont school-with us the future of the Child is our pride; to help them soar above others, surpass their own excellent standard, raise the bar for the next generation and live as a cynosure is our dogged commitment. With us you can sleep and rest.

Life is an adventure of choices, to choose right is to end right. I am convinced and fully persuaded that no child is less, in every child lies a sleeping giant. I have been a privileged tool in God’s own hands to fashion and tap the giant within, this I have accepted gladly as my noble assignment to humanity. Give me your child and I will give you a trailblazer. I owe this duty to my Creator too. To be sharp, you have to be sharpened. I now leave you to read my profile and continuous academic investments home and abroad.

Mrs. Chinyelu Rachael Okenyeka
Director of Schools

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This is achievable with trained and qualified directress and prepared environment

SpringMont School

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  • NO 20 Mezu Lane, off SS Mulumba Catholic Church , along Akachi road, off Wetheral Owerri Imo state.
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  • Tel: 08099504162
  • mail: info@springmontessori.org

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